The OkACTE Guidance Division enhances the career development of all individuals by providing all students with a solid foundation for making educational and career choices.

About Us

This organization disseminates information about guidance, identifies the importance of a comprehensive guidance system, strengthens working relationships among all guidance professionals, develops and maintains communications, encourages the promotion of Career and Technical Student Organizations and the support of both state and federal career guidance legislation issues and has developed high professional standards among its membership.

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Members of the Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education whose primary responsibility involves guidance and counseling activities shall be members of the Guidance Division. A member of the Guidance Division must be a member of OkACTE and ACTE, be interested and involved in the purposes of the Guidance Division, and pay current membership dues. If you are interested in becoming a member, complete the membership form.

What you will find on this website


From the conference committee that assists the state coordinator in developing the summer conference agenda to the membership commitee that develops new member orientation, pictorial directory and coordinating activities to recruit and retain members, there are several committees that provide opportunities to serve.


Members can keep up to date on the latest thanks to our Quarterly Updates. We also have information on our policies, bylaws, and mini-grants.


The OKACTE Guidance Division is proud to have the opportunity to recognize its members and others for their excellence through several awards. Those are: McCharen Award of Merit, New Professional Award, Friends of Guidance Award, Outstanding Educator, Kaleidoscope Award, and the Silver Key Award.

Ongoing Projects

The OkACTE Guidance Division awards two $250 mini-grants per semester to members to provide monetary assistance for their professional development in our field or to provide resources for special projects to enrich staff and students in this endeavor.

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